Varied Thrushes continue at Tilden + Virginia Rail!

Jim Scarff

After I waited for the 20 turkeys to move out of the Tilden Environmental
Center parking lot at 8:00am this morning, I set off in search of Varied
Thrush. Over the next two hours, I slowly hiked the upper Packrat Trail to
Jewel Lake and back along the road to the Environmental Center.

In all I saw 12 Varied Thrush - 10 more than I had ever seen there before.
Most were characteristically very shy and quite opposed to being
photographed even from a distance. Finally, the last one paused briefly,
badly backlit against the sky, and I got of a couple of shots.

Quite a few Fox Sparrows, Orange-crowned Warblers singing, one Townsend's
also singing, Kinglets, Wrentits testing their vocal repertoire, Brown
Creepers, Downy Woodpecker, Buffleheads. I think I got a brief glimpse of
the White-throated Sparrow that Janet saw yesterday, and a few Allen's

The real treat for me was looking for Thrushes near the bench at Jewel Lake,
and having a Virginia Rail pop out to cross a muddy patch and dart into the
grasses. (way too quick for a photo)

A couple of photos of the Thrush here:

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