Poorwill Friday night and Shorebirds today (7/17)


After working entirely to hard over the past couple of weeks Eric
Pilotte and myself decided to get out birding. We started at 8;30 pm in
eastern Alameda county searching for Lesser Nighthawk to no avail. We
then headed to Mendenhall rd for Common Poorwill of which we had at
least 3 birds. We also saw a Western Screech Owl flush off the road and
land in a nearby tree.
Today we headed to Don Edwards at 11 am where we saw:3 Wilson's
Phalaropes (1 Breeding plumage female)2 Boneparte's Gulls (Both birds
were in non-breeding plumage with 1 of the birds looking very raggedy
and flying with a little bit of trouble)
Then quickly poked our heads into Coyote Hills we found:1 Cinnamon Teal
(female)3 Common Moorhens ( 1 Adult and 2 sizable juvies)3 Coots (1
Adult and 2 juvies)
Finally we headed towards Hayward Shoreline and birded Frank's Dump
West. It was full of shorebirds at 2pm till 4:30pm since the tide was
high.2 Snowy Plovers5 Wilson's Phalarope3 Ruddy Turnstones8 Sanderlings
(mostly transitioning out of summer plumage which show a orangish-red
throat but are way to big to be considered a stint)500+ Western
Sandpipers150 Least Sandpipers50 Long-billed Dowitchers4 Semi Plovers
Additionally there were several godwits, willets, curlews and
black-bellied plovers
Good Birding,
Zach Baer and Eric PilotteBerkeley and Benicia

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