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The Livermore "condor" sighting was from me in 2009, but it seems less and less likely. None of the tagged ones was known to have been in the area (but I think one had travelled to the TriValley at some point) at the time. The bird I saw was so far away that the flash of white I thought I saw on the trailing edge of the wing may just have been a reflection. Mostly it was the ponderous flight (like a 747) and apparently wide wings that made me think condor. if I had my wits about me, I would have jumped in my truck and chased it down, but I didn't. In the heat of the moment I thought it was, but now I am skeptical.

Jaan Lepson

On Mar 16, 2013, at 08:53, debbiev wrote:

Like I said in an earlier post, bald eagles in the BA are practically trash birds these days! ;)

I think that Steve's Mom's big dark bird is most likely a bald eagle.

As to serendipitous condor sightings in the BA...wasn't there a fly-over spotted in the Livermore Valley a while back? Maybe by Rich Cimino?

Those ginormous condors are pretty easy to ID: not just the flat profile but the white wing linings and in poor light, you can still always see those spread "fingers" of the primary feathers. Long long long ridiculously long wings.

I got to practice my condor field marks at both Pinnacles (flyovers and campground perching) as well as Big Sur (flyovers and group waddling by Hwy. 1).

Sure, they are too tame and micromanaged within an inch of their lives...but pretty darned spectacular anyway.

Our local fave Pleistocene remnants...still hangin' in there.

Debbie Viess
--- In, phila rogers <philajane@...> wrote:

Dear Friends:

I read with interest Steve Hutchcraft's report of a very large bird being
seen near Danville. From the description, it did fit the description of a
young Bald Eagle -- a species which is being seen more often these days.

When a very large dark bird is reported, I always hope for a condor. With
a thriving community of condors at the Pinnacles, near Hollister, it
doesn't seem impossible that a bird might appear in the Mt. Diablo area,
which would be an appropriate habitat. And 80 miles for a bird with that
soaring range seems reasonable.

However, If Steve heard the bird call that might rule out a condor who
mostly remains silent.

I can only hope that the bird we knew as a condor in the mountains behind
Santa Barbara where I spent summers 75 years ago, might begin showing up
near my present home.

-- Phila Rogers

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