Eagle question, Danville



For several weeks, my mom has been telling me that she has been seeing a large, large bird with a whitish head at her home in Danville. Relatives have claimed to have seen it as well. Today, I saw the mystery bird, and I'm stumped. The lighting was terrible (backlit by the afternoon sun), however I could discern the following:

Very large; much larger than the Turkey Vulture that was soaring below it.
Its tail appeared white, but the backlight could have been playing tricks. Head, too hard to till in the light.
Underside was mottled, with patches of white, almost like a dark Osprey.
Wings not straight like a soaring adult eagle, but bent at the wrists like an Osprey. Thinner wings than a Buteo.
Much, much bigger than an Osprey.
I heard a call a few minutes later that, in the right location, would have been id'd as a Bald Eagle's call. I've never heard a Golden Eagle.

It makes no sense to me that a juvenile Bald Eagle would be hanging out near the San Damiano Retreat for the last several weeks, but if I were water-boarded to confess what I saw. That would be it. I've seen many juvenile Goldens, but this didn't look like one.

Thoughts and possibilities?



Alamo, CA

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