Looking for the Loon at Berkeley Aquatic Park, spot a Green Heron

George A Suennen

Hello all,

Went to Berkeley Aquatic Park this morning to look for the Loon Jim posted yesterday.
Spotted one at the North end of the large pond. Took some photos, but it looks more
like a Pacific Loon to me. Maybe some one can help with the ID


Then spotted a Green Heron on the east side of the pond while tracking a Snowy Egret:


The Bonaparte's Gull is still there. It was fishing with the Great Egret, Double-crested
Cormorants, and Eared Grebe. Actually saw it catch a couple of small ones while I was
there, though the Egret and Cormorants were a lot more successful.


Also got a good shot of the Eared Grebe doing the grebe thing:


Best Regards,

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