Re: Canvasback ducks at Berkeley Aquatic Park

George A Suennen


Hope everyone doesn't mind me answering on the "public line", but I've
spotted the Townsend's
warblers a lot around the East Bay this month. Not only at the Berkeley
Aquatic Park.

At the Canyon Trail Park in El Cerrito on 2/17:

Jewel Lake in Tilden Park on 2/15:

And on the UC Berkeley Campus on 2/14:

Most of my sightings were in the morning in the middle to upper tree
level. Seems to
"hang out" with Yellow-rumps, Kinglets, or Chickadees.

Good luck with your search,

On 2013-02-23 9:20 PM, Ricardo Villasenor wrote:

I went to the Berkeley Aquatic Park around noon today to see if I
could spot the Red-breasted Mergansers and the Townsend's Warblers
that were reported by George Suennen a couple of days ago. I was not
successful in finding these birds but I did see a pair of Canvasback
ducks in the larger of the two ponds at the southern end of the park.
Other birds of note for me were Yellow-rumped Warblers near the first
hole of the Frisbee Golf Course, some what I believe were Forster's
Terns in the long "rowing pond" flying and diving, Bushtits, an
American Robin, Northern Harrier (Marsh Hawk), Double-crested
Comorants, along with the ubiquitous coots, Mallards, Scaups, and
seagulls. There were a number of small shorebirds along the mud banks
on the west side of the "rowing pond" but they were too far away for
me to try and identify. I have tried to view Townsend's Warblers in
the past with no luck. They seem to be a common bird in the region,
so if anyone
can suggest a good location or "trick" (i.e. best seen in the early
mornings or late afternoons) please send me an email at my address.

Best Regards,
Ric Villasenor

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