Kumlien's Iceland Gull (a pale one) at Pt. Richmond

Noah Arthur

This afternoon I had the pleasure of gulling with Dan Singer and Todd Easterla at the Pt. Richmond herring run, which was still going strong with several thousand gulls. In the mid afternoon, when the other guys walked on up to Keller Beach, I stayed near Ferry Point and saw an adult KUMLIEN'S ICELAND GULL showing white wingtips with just a few pale gray crescents, the most spectacular individual I've ever seen. I managed only one photo before my camera died and the gulls flushed, but when I showed it to Todd he said it's definitely a Kumlien's, and a pale one.
Here's the one picture (which includes a very badly-timed California Gull): http://www.flickr.com/photos/73989529@N02/8470304822/in/photostream
Dan, Todd, and Michael Park have another tale to tell from Keller Beach; I'm sure one of them will post soon.
Noah Arthur, Oakland

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