Martinez: Blue Winged Teal-yes, Ruff-no

Jeff Acuff

After getting an eBird alert this afternoon notifying me of Albert Linkowski's BLUE-WINGED TEAL and RUFF sightings in Martinez I zipped up to Mt. View Sanitary District and quickly found the B-W Teal along with 15 CINNAMON TEAL in the large pond nearest Hwy 680.  I also had a PEREGRINE FALCON flyover low enough to see prey in its talons.

I then went to the pond north of Waterbird Way located a bit beyond Waterbird Park.  No luck finding a RUFF.  In fact I found no shorebirds of any kind, but as consolation there were more CINNAMON TEAL.

Good Birding,
Jeff Acuff

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