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List Members,

The last list was disabled because too many people were joining a non-exsisting list serve. That is why your old ID and password no longer work to access that list. Making that last group of archives available to members of this list has turned out to be a more difficult issue that expected. Fortunately, we now have a volunteer writing a program to migrate the archives from the last list (mailman program) to a page on the MDAS website. When this is completed, I will notify the group.

As a reminder, this list is for the sighting of special East Bay Birds and to communicate where other birders may find that special bird. Also, if you wish to respond to a message, be sure you send you response to the sender, not to the entire list. Please email me directly if you have questions concerning this list . My administrator's address is <> or my personal address is <>.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

Ann McGregor
List Administrator

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