Oyster Bay 1/22 - adult Glaucous

Noah Arthur

Gull numbers at the Oyster Bay landfill in San Leandro were waaay up from previous visits, with many perched not only on the large buildings but also on the smaller closer buildings. The very first gull I identified was an adult GLAUCOUS GULL, probably a female, sitting on the building at the northwest corner of the dump. She was a large gull but slightly smaller than nearby Westerns, with all-white primary tips, gray primary bases, medium-sized bill, pale eyes, and sharply defined streaks and spots on her head (not smudgy as on a Glaucous-winged/Glaucous hybrid).  The bill-base was tinged pinkish (as opposed to greenish, as on Iceland). Altogether, probably the most beautiful gull I've ever seen: http://www.flickr.com/photos/73989529@N02/8407523670/in/photostream
This photo shows everything I'd like to see on an adult Glaucous, but if anything looks wrong please let me know! There were a lot of other interesting gulls on the dump, but I'll have to leave them for better gullers to identify. The dump and its gulls can be viewed from the northeast side of Oyster Bay Regional Shoreline.
Noah Arthur, Oakland

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