Lake Elizabeth 1/21

Noah Arthur

Today I followed the Red-necked Grebe report to Lake Elizabeth in Fremont, which is acually a spectacular habitat for many species. Nothing much happened on the south side of the lake; too many hominids. In Stivers Lagoon Nature Area (the large willow hammock just east of Lake E.) there was a 'SLATE-COLORED' FOX SPARROW near the northeast corner of the hammock. Three COMMON GALLINULES were walking around right beside the path on the east side of the lake, being very careful not to get tangled in their own toes.
Finally, late in the afternoon, I and Larry Thompson (do I have your name right?) found the RED-NECKED GREBE dozing on the north side of the lake. Four CACKLING GEESE were nearby in a fenced area. A little sandpiper running along the lake edge near the grebe put on a very convincing imitation of Spotted (standing tall, walking tall, running on rocks, even "shivering" in flight when flushed), but turned out to be a LEAST SANDPIPER, probably first winter because of the patterned coverts.
Noah Arthur, Oakland

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