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Joe Morlan

On Thu, 01 Jul 2010 04:15:50 -0000, "bacpab" <bacpab@...> wrote:

Is there a way to access the EBB archives? The archive link at MDAS won't let me in.
There are three sets of archives. The oldest archives start June 1998
through July 2004 and are available publicly at:

The newest archives, starting March 2010 are at:

These require a Yahoo membership to view.

But there is another set of message archives from August 2004 to April 2010
that I cannot access. They are at:

You need a login and password to access these archives, but my old password
does not seem to work. I keep getting "authorization failed." Fortunately,
if you have forgotten your password you can request that it be emailed to
you from here:

I have tried this several times. Each time the site says that my password
has been mailed, but unfortunately each time I never receive any email at
all. I have white-listed the marketrends domain which hosts this service to
ensure that I can receive email from them, but no email ever arrives.

Are other members able to view these archives or reset their passwords? If
anybody knows how to gain access to the 2004-2010 archives, I would be very

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