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Jeff Acuff

As a follow up to my earlier posting, I'd like to thank those (Steve Hutchcraft, Ted Robertson) who replied and pointed out that the area noted is actually NOT part of the Point Edith Wildlife area. Instead, it is Pacheco Marsh, and is owned in part by the Muir Heritage Land Trust, Contra Costa County, and EBRPD. Currently the area is not intended to be publicly accessible, but there is decent viewing alongside Waterfront Road.

Also, I should add that I am not the first to document these birds. Short-eared owls here were recorded in eBird on January 8 by Albert Linkowski.

Good Birding,
Jeff Acuff

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Yesterday afternoon there were three short-eared owls coursing over the Point Edith Wildlife Area fields north of Waterfront Road.

There was also a belted kingfisher and Say's phoebe along the road.

I cannot quite figure out public access to the area north of the road.  There is one place that looks like gated public access with a path, but there is a "no trespassing" sign that is positioned ambiguously.  I am unsure if it means to keep out of the area outside of the fenced trail or the entire area.  There were people out there however, some dog-walkers with kids, a couple off-road bikers farther out, and a few men in camo who looked like duck hunters.

All species noted were seen immediately along the road however.

Good Birding
Jeff Acuff

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