Yellow-bellied Sap continues

Noah Arthur

This afternoon I finally found time to go see the male YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER at Don Castro Regional Park in Hayward. He was still in the large willow with a trash can under it (as described previously), surrounded by dripping sap and sappy-faced warblers who must be very grateful to him for providing the feast. What a beautiful bird! (the sapsucker, I mean, not the ratty sappy warblers). All the warblers I saw were YELLOW-RUMPED and TOWNSEND'S; the reported Hermit didn't show for me. This area is extremely birdy, however, and seems to hold potential for more vagrants. All the action seemed to be centered around the sapsucker tree.
Thanks to whoever it was that found this bird! (I was in NM over Christmas and didn't see when he was first reported)
Noah Arthur, Oakland

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