Short-Eared Owls-Martinez

Jeff Acuff

Yesterday afternoon there were three short-eared owls coursing over the Point Edith Wildlife Area fields north of Waterfront Road.

There was also a belted kingfisher and Say's phoebe along the road.

I cannot quite figure out public access to the area north of the road.  There is one place that looks like gated public access with a path, but there is a "no trespassing" sign that is positioned ambiguously.  I am unsure if it means to keep out of the area outside of the fenced trail or the entire area.  There were people out there however, some dog-walkers with kids, a couple off-road bikers farther out, and a few men in camo who looked like duck hunters.

All species noted were seen immediately along the road however.

Good Birding
Jeff Acuff

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