Crown Beach woodpeckers

Noah Arthur

First time posting from my new email address, let's see if this works...
Yesterday I found Crown Beach/Washington Park to be much more active than it's been in years, probably due to the eucs blooming in Washington Park. Best bird was an apparently pure female YELLOW-SHAFTED FLICKER that perched up in the dead pine next to the Crown Beach pond for several minutes, showing a sharply defined cinnamon-brown face, red nape crescent, and no red or black in the malar region. Earlier on, a male MERLIN nailed a DUNLIN at Crab Cove, sending the entire shorebird flock into flight.
Today I went back hoping for the flicker to show again in better light, but couldn't find her. Instead I saw a beautiful female RED-BREASTED SAPSUCKER in the bare sycamores in the middle of Washington Park. She was a very patterned Red-breasted, with a complete white "whisker" stripe, but the entirely red breast eliminates Red-naped or hybrids. I also had NUTTALL'S and DOWNY WOODPECKERS in the same trees.
Noah Arthur, Oakland

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