Everybody's favorite Yellow-bellied Sapsucker


Since Jean Richmond and I had no luck yesterday in Lafayette with the Swamp Sparrow, my wife, Rosita, and I decided to take her to Castro Valley to Don Castro today. Jean complained that it took all of 20 seconds to see the bird; she said I used to be much better!

We went down the hill off Ursa, but it is still very wet there. Luckily, a park maintenance man had an all-terrain vehicle at the bottom and gave Jean a ride back up the hill. At 85 Jean is not as able as she used to be when she wrote her book, Birding Northern California. But she still likes to get out and see what she can.

We did see one of the two White-throated Sparrows in her Alamo yard before we left for Castro Valley, a nice way to start the new year.

Hugh B. Harvey
Walnut Creek

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