Don Castro RRA probable YBSA

Debbi Brusco <dgb_birding@...>

I have to run out so I'll post a photo and details later, but yesterday
on the Hayward/Fremont CBC a group of four of us observed a (best
guessbased on Phil Gordon's comments regarding RNSA at the dinner)
Yellow-bellied Sapsuckerfeeding in alarge old willow for about 20
minutes at Don Castro around noon. We had decided to go around the lake
perimeter trail and on the far side opposite thebuildings, the willow is
on the hill side by the trail at the intersection of the trail that
leads up to Ursa Way. The bird has red on its throat and crown, none on
the nape, and the back is a mottled tannishcolor.

Debbi Brusco

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