Eurasian Wigeon female; candidate photo

Bob Power <rcpower@...>

Hi all,

Caroline Lambert joined us Sunday for our duck hunt, and came away with a good
comparison photo of

the female wigeon that was closely associating with the Eurasian Wigeon at
Miller-Knox Reg. Park in Pt. Richmond.

The bird on the left is the candidate Eurasian Wigeon. The bird on the right is
the comparison American Wigeon.
Points in favor of Eurasian are:
a much lighter brown look to the head,
consistent light brown look through head, neck,
and body (i.e. not much contrast),
relatively unmarked throat,
steeper forehead structurally than the American Wigeon, and,
lack of a black border along the gape. This seems to be a good fieldmark
for eliminating Eurasian if it's there, but not diagnostic if it's not there ---
as the American
Wigeon appears to be missing this mark as well.

Here's a nice write-up on i.d. challenges for female Eurasian Wigeon which puts
some of the diagnostic weight

on field marks only shown by the spread wing.

Comments welcome,

Bob Power
Oakland, CA

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