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Has anyone else notice the increase in fledgling activity this year? We always have some baby birds but this year it seems there is a bumper crop. Up to this point I have counted nine species of fledglings at our house. Two different families were raised on premises, a chestnut backed chickadee family used the nest box hanging from the beam on our garage and just yesterday the Steller jays left their nest from under our upper living room deck. Of all the fledglings, my two favorites are the downy woodpeckers and Bewick's wrens. The parents of all these new babies seem to be using our no-melt suet as "pablum" for their kids. They go through an entire cake in about 4 days. The seed tubes are also getting lots of diners. We live in Montclair just below Skyline near the intersection of Colton and Snake. Maybe the extra rain and cooler weather has something to do with the increase in families. Whatever it is, we're having fun watching all the activity.


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