Indigo and Lazuli Bunting at Claremont Canyon this morning


Hi everyone, I finally made it over to the Indigo Bunting at Claremont
Canyon this morning with Eric Pilotte. We initially had some difficulty
finding the right area to look for the bird but eventually made our way
down the fire trail to the correct spot. The first bunting that we
actually had at the spot was a female Lazuli Bunting (pale face,
stronger wing-bars then female indigo, no streaking on the breast). She
was foraging in the grass near the trail. After about 15 minutes the
male Indigo Bunting appeared in the grass and started foraging with the
female. The male then flew back to one of the far trees and sang a few
times before flying back out of sight. The male Indigo Bunting appears
to be an ASY with no signs of gray in the body or buff/brown edges to
the coverts. I have one decent photo that I will upload later tonight
of the male, sadly I could not get any photos of the female.
Good Birding,
Zach BaerBerkeley, CA

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