Re: Harris's Sparrow at Hayward Shoreline and possibly a Henslow's Sparrow?

Bruce Mast

I believe your bird is a Savannah Sparrow. Note, among other things, the
short notched tail. This bird doesn't show a lot of yellow in the face but
that is a pretty variable field mark. I'm pretty sure I saw the same bird
this morning (I was the there on a bicycle from 10-11:30).

General sparrow diversity at that site is fairly impressive. Along with
numerous Golden-crowned and White-crowned Sparrows and the Harris's, I noted
Savannah, Lincoln's, Fox, and House Sparrows, along with California Towhees.

Bruce Mast

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Hello All,

Allen H. and I went down to the Hayward Shoreline (Grant Ave) to check out
the Harris's Sparrow. We managed a brief viewing of the Harris's in a tree
next to the fence. I also got a glimpse of another sparrow that I thought
was a Song Sparrow, but when I looked at the photos, it didn't seem right.
After looking in my bird book, the closest I can find is a Henslow's
Sparrow. This is not it's usual range, so I'm suspicious of my id. Here's
a link to some of the photos:

Song, Henslow's, or maybe a Vesper Sparrow?

Your input is appreciated.

Oh, and my partially obscured view of the Harris's:



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