Harris Sparrow and Blue-wing Teal

Bingham Gibbs

Judy Johnstone, Tom Delaney and I arrived at the Grant Street parking area for Hayward Shoreline at 9:45. Judy Sierra was just leaving, having been there since 8 AM and not having spotted the bird. At 11:30 the bird appeared in a small partially dead tree on the left hand side of the trail about 10 feet before the trashcan exactly where Bob Dunn found him. Very nice looking bird.

Before heading home the three of us stopped at Garretson Point where we found a nice pair of Blue-wing Teal. We stopped for a quick lunch at the Walmart Quiznos and as we were leaving we found that the car beside us had been broken into and a backpack with computer etc. had been stolen. It's a jungle out there.
Bingham Gibbs
Danville, CA.

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