Oyster Bay 10/29

Lori Arthur <loriarthur61@...>

The number of sparrows at Oyster Bay right now is staggering. It's by far the most sparrows I've ever seen at once in the Bay Area. I had a 7-sparrow-species day yesterday, with SAVANNAH, LINCOLN'S, SONG, FOX, WHITE-CROWNED, GOLDEN-CROWNED, and one WHITE-THROATED SPARROW. In the middle of the park is a hill with a bare gravelly summit. Just north of this hill is a large lone eucalyptus standing beside a trail. The White-throated was foraging along the trail near this tree, with White-crowned and Golden-crowned Sparrows.
Along the main trail across from the landfill was a sparrow that may have been a White-throated/Golden-crowned hybrid. Gulls aren't really up to speed yet, although there is already a big swarm of them on the landfill. I managed to pick out one first-cycle THAYER'S GULL, but nothing else too interesting.
Noah Arthur, Oakland  

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