Re: Eared Grebes up close at Coyote Hills Regional Park

Jerry Ting

After reading Larry's report yesterday (10/29), I went to No Name Trail and stayed there from 3:30-5:20PM.

I did find several Eared Grebes (in basic plumage in the area but no signs of the Semipalmated Sandpiper neither the Elegant Tern.

I did find a single HY Western Sandpiper feeding on the shore along with a group of Least Sandpipers:

A group of 15+ Dunlins also mixed with the Least Sandpipers:

Other noticables in the area include 20+ American Pipit foraging on the levee just passed the 'Restricted Area' sign and a flew by Brown Pelican.

There were also 2 White-tailed Kites in South Marsh, a Cooper's Hawk on Sycamore Tree right beside the Bayview Trail at Glenn Dairy, and a Sharp-shinned Hawk on the hill side of Quarry Parking area.

Happy Birding,
Jerry Ting

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On Saturday morning (Oct 27) I spent a couple of hours on the shoreward portion of the No-name Trail. My best encounter was with about 10 Eared Grebes, which were very cooperative and are shown at:

There were more than 100 American Avocets, but they were hard to approach and flew several times.

I found a Semipalmated Sandpiper among a group of Least Sandpipers.

I also had a fly-by of an Elegant Tern:

There was a White-Tailed Kite sitting for several hours in the top of a tree at Dairy Glen. It was also fairly approachable.

Good birding
Larry Thompson
Livermore, CA

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