Coyote Hills (10/24) - Palm Warbler, Northern Flicker (variations)

Jerry Ting

Early this (10/24) afternoon (1:10PM) I found a Palm Warbler (pic foraging on the ground on Quail Trail (the trail between the Nectar Garden and Hoot Hollow) around the outhouse area. I observed the bird for a good 10 minutes then the bird flew down to the Garden area and I coundn't re-find it.

There were also Northern Flickers with different variations feeding termites on the ground in Hoot Hollow area. I had a male Yellow-shafted, 2 feamle Red-shafted females, 2 female Red X Yellow-shafted females, and 1 Red X Yellow-shafted male in the picnic area at the same time. Here is the post with all 4 variations (

Yesterday (10/23) afternoon there were also quite a lot of Yellow-rumped Warbler and Ruby-crowned Kinglet feeding termites in Hoot Hollow area. Here is a picture of the male kinglet showing off his brilliant buby crown (

Happy Birding.

Jerry Ting

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