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Alan Howe

I was in Hoot Hollow yesterday & saw @ least 4 or 5 flickers, all in or near the tallest tree(s)--mostly red-shafted, but at least 1 yellow. (Lots of winged ants in the air & shed wings on the ground in the hollow, too.)
Saw or heard about 32 species. It was nice to see FOS of some of my favorite waterfowl, including northern pintail, northern shoveler & green-winged teal. There were just a few of each--no flocks yet.
Alan Howe
North Oakland
On Oct 23, 2012, at 1:59 PM, Dave Weber <> wrote:

Quick stop at Coyote Hills before work today got one Golden-crowned Kinglet in front of visitors center in the big oak and a flying-away Northern Flicker with yellow shafts in Hoot Hollow.
Dave Weber,
by phone

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