Re: 10/22 -- Pine Siskins and a tragedy

Todd Easterla

I can do the math off the top of my head (millions of people have millions
of outdoor cats not to mention the more feral population) and know that cats
are one of the many combined detrimental things to song birds in North
America. They are not even a natural predator here, so yes they must be
having a noticeable impact on the many bird populations, not to mention wind
turbines, towers, windows, fast moving vehicles, airplanes, chemicals, Large
oil spills, pesticides and probably many other man-made influences and
disasters against birds. That is just in our Country.... I can only imagine
what goes on in a third world country.

I hate to even tell this story, but I was at a friend's house that used to
have an outdoor cat while having a BBQ at his residence his cat brought up
three different birds (Scrub Jay, American Goldfinch(2)) that it had caught
in only about two hours. He no longer has that cat outdoors after I showed
him the birds the cat had laid at my feet during that two hours. There is a
place in Sacramento County at the end of Sherman Island Road where there are
about 15 feral cats at a bird sanctuary and people come and feed the cats
daily. A very sad sight to say the least when there are bird feathers strewn
about the cat city. There used to be quail there NOT ANY MORE!

Once at Point Reyes, Nunez Ranch to be exact, I saw one of the outdoor cats
here carrying off a Prothonotary Warbler and it made my heart skip a beat.
I'm sure Mr. Stallcup has seen his share of this kind of thing out there
over the years.

And we worry about playing tapes and recordings which is a lot like pishing
and spushing. Give me a break!

Oh, by the way I like neutered indoor cats and no need for anyone to reply
to this self-venting e-mail.

Todd Easterla
Rancho Catdova, Ca

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Technically, the Stephen's Island Wren was not wiped out by feral cats. It
was wiped out by Tiddles, a single pet cat belonging to the lighthouse
keeper. At least that is the story. And that was the final extinction; I
believe there is fossil evidence for it on the new Zealand mainland, where
it had earlier been extirpated by various alien predators.

I believe there was a recent study using cat cams that suggested that
domestic cats are responsible for killing upwards of 100 million birds a
year in the U.S. Anyone else familiar with this and do I have the numbers

Jaan Lepson

On Oct 23, 2012, at 10:40, Joseph Morlan wrote:

On Tue, 23 Oct 2012 09:56:14 -0700, "Alvaro Jaramillo"
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There may be some local declines here and there exacerbated by cats
(usually there are other factors involved like habitat degradation),
but cats have not caused any species to decline that we know of.
The Stephens Island Wren went extinct largely because of Feral Cats.
Feral cats have been implicated in the decline and/or extinction of
several other species of birds and animals, particularly on island

The rise of cat colonies in the SF Bay Area have caused some
significant local declines, such as the well-known example of
California Quail in San Francisco. The late Louis Baptista had to
abandon a project on nesting White-crowned Sparrows in Golden Gate
Park after feral cats wiped out his study population.

Additional information:

Some additional references:
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA
"It turns out we're very good at not seeing things" - Jack Hitt


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