Re: 10/22 -- Pine Siskins and a tragedy

Joe Morlan

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There may be some local declines here and there exacerbated
by cats (usually there are other factors involved like habitat degradation),
but cats have not caused any species to decline that we know of.
The Stephens Island Wren went extinct largely because of Feral Cats. Feral
cats have been implicated in the decline and/or extinction of several other
species of birds and animals, particularly on island ecosystems.

The rise of cat colonies in the SF Bay Area have caused some significant
local declines, such as the well-known example of California Quail in San
Francisco. The late Louis Baptista had to abandon a project on nesting
White-crowned Sparrows in Golden Gate Park after feral cats wiped out his
study population.

Additional information:

Some additional references:
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