Strawberry Canyon

Derek Heins <derek.heins@...>

Jim Chiropolos and had a nice time birding up the Strawberry Canyon fire trail in Berkeley this morning starting around 8am. A short ways up the trail two Great-Horned Owls were actively hunting. As the fog burned off we enjoyed quite a few mixed flocks moving through the hills. Highlights were a single Hermit Warbler, a Western Tanager pair and three Black-throated Gray Warblers. Other warbler species seen were Townsend's, Wilson's, Orange-crowned and Yellow. One different type of flock was of mixed Hermit and Swainson Thrushes, acting more like Robins in moving quickly through the trees, often chasing each other. Shortly before turning back downhill we spotted a Sharp-shinned Hawk and enjoyed but couldn't locate a singing California Thrasher. Also seen along the way were Band-tailed Pigeons, Purple Finch, Brown Creeper, Pygmy and Red-breasted Nuthatches, Pacific Wren, Warbling Vireo and Golden-crowned Sparrow.

Derek Heins

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