Re: Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus)? in CCCounty

Matthew Dodder


Your photos do not appear to show a Sooty Shearwater. To my eye it looks more
like a juvenile CALIFORNIA GULL. You commented on the size, which would fit
and I note a paler face and bicolored bill... both typical for young California

The flight shot is particularly useful as Shearwaters have a much different wing
postion, holding their wings out dead straight as they glide on the updraft of
Sooties may well end up within the bay, and worth watching for however.

Matthew Dodder

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Yesterday, September 27 in Richmond marina I observed (using the scope ) what I
believe if not mistaken , a bird of genus Puffinus. Based on what I saw and
investigate, I think it was the Sooty Shearwater (Puffinus griseus). This bird
was with a mixed flock of mostly Western and California Gulls. Birds, followed
by one of the boat floating in the marina. Attached obscure photographs,
although the bird was quite clearly seen through the scope, the distance was a
bit too far for my camera.
This bird was clearly smaller than the Western Gull, plumage color of milk
chocolate, a little brighter underparts, medium length thin beak (in comparison
with W. Gull)( however, seemed to be bicolored, with darker end), a small head,
a relatively long neck, long narrow wings, short dark tail.

Good birding,

Albert W. Linkowski

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