Re: Solitary Sandpiper in Cull Cyn today.

David Philleo <dphilleo@...>

Fide - approx. 1 hr later - a pretty lifer!!, the black back and grand
(contrast) eye ring are special, yes mud is the prevelant habitat with this
sad little resevoir, only saw GB Heron, Malards and 2 Killdeer, so strange
to see so little other wildlife.
- Dave

On Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 7:53 PM, Bingham Gibbs <bnghmgbs@...> wrote:


Solitary Sandpiper still present today at 12:30 at the end of the lake
farthest from the dam in Cull Cyn.. I believe that would be tthe north
side, on the mud flats.. Also present were Spotted Sandpiper and four
Killdeer. He was hidden in the reeds nearest the roadside parking area on
the west side of the road for about 25 minutes before making and appearance.
Bingham Gibbs
Danville, CA.

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