yes Re: Are Red Crossbills still around Vollmer Peak?

David Couch

Yes, they were there this morning seen by several folks. Only about five or so.

- - - -

Directions based on Harold Newman's the other day: take Grizzly Peak Boulevard heading south from Berkeley. Look for directions for Steam Trains in Tilden Park. Go past the paved parking entrance on the left for the steam trains and continue about 100 ft. to the upper parking lot (on the right at the fork) nearest a paved trail to Vollmer Peak.

On your left as you are driving into the parking lot is a stand of a dozen or so large conifers. Look near the top. It's easier on your neck to see the treetops if you start up the paved Vollmer Peak trail and look left in about 30 yards from the beginning of the trail.

Suggest bringing a scope, at least for the Crossbills.
- David Couch, Berkeley

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