Pectoral Sandpipers (3) Coyote Hills

Matthew Dodder


I found 3 PECTORAL SANDPIPERS in the marsh by the visitors center at
Coyote Hills Park this afternoon. The were not obvious at first
because they were resting together on a small muddy island on the far
left edge of the pond. Also present were many LEAST and a few WESTERN
SANDPIPERS, and one BAIRD'S SANDPIPER. There were several GREATER and
LESSER YELLOWLEGS in the area as well.

While was there I spoke with three other birders who mentioned that
they had been told of a Solitary Sandpiper in marsh. While none of us
could confirm that report because none of us saw the bird, but we did
spot an interesting LESSER YELLOWLEGS with surprisingly dull colored
legs, and a prominent eye ring. It had us going for a moment, but
size and structure were not right, and when it flew it became very
obvious this was not a Solitary. So if anyone follows up on a report
of Solitary Sandpiper, be aware that at least one of the LESSER
YELLOWLEGS could be cause confusion.

. . .

Matthew Dodder
Mountain View, CA

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