Miller Knox, Aug. 4

Sheila Dickie

Sorry for late post.  Folowing up on a recently reported sighting of Red-breasted Nuthatch I went to Miller Knox Regional Shoreline Park in Pt. Richmond on Saturday, Aug 4 at about 5 p.m.  I saw one Red-Breasted Nuthatch also a Nuttall's Woodpecker and Western Bluebirds, but the amazing sight for me was the number of hummingbirds buzzing like bees in the top of the pink flowering eucalyptus.  Its hard to estimate how many but at least 10-12.  I did manage to focus on one Anna's and a Selasphorous but the birds seemed intent on displaying or chasing one another and chasing the Chickadees out of the tree.  Location: from the lst parking after you exit from the tunnel, walk along the path going toward the tunnel on the right hand side of the park.  There is a grouping of eucalyptus and pine trees adjacent to the path on your left where the action was. 
On the lagoon, of note, there were two American White Pelicans.
Sheila Dickie

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