Re: Indigo Bunting continues

George A Suennen

Allen and I went out this afternoon around 4 PM and saw the Indigo
Bunting in the mustard
field. Also saw a pair of Bullock's Orioles in the parking lot. I
posted a few photos also.


Male Oriole:

Female Oriole:

Thanks for the heads up that it's still there,


On 5/28/2012 7:28 PM, Mark Rauzon wrote:

Around 11 am, some 16 of us observed the male Indigo Bunting at the
Borges Ranch in Walnut Creek, moving from the oak tree tops to the
mustard field and back.
A starling chased the indigo bunting from it's tall perch. Here is a
photo of that encounter:

good birding,

Mark Rauzon

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