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Joe Morlan

On Mon, 21 May 2012 11:24:25 -0700 (PDT), Lori Arthur
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Why can't these be natural vagrants from Siberia? If Red-flanked Bluetails, Wheatears, and Dusky Warblers can get here, why not 'Siberian' European Goldfinches?
The photos posted by Allen Hirsch show that these are of the widespread
European C. c. carduelis group with brown mantle and contrasting white face
with black frame. The Siberian group (C. c. caniceps group) lack the black
frame to the white face and have a pale gray, not brown mantle.


However the species is partially migratory and a case could be made for
natural vagrancy via reverse migration of European birds over the pole.
Unfortunately there is no evidence of that and no records from Alaska or
pattern of occurrence to support natural vagrants on the West Coast or
elsewhere in North America.

The species is included in the 7th edition of the AOU Check-List based on
an established introduced population in Bermuda. It is not on the ABA
Check-List which does not include Bermuda.

Nevertheless it is important to keep track of these birds and other exotic
species which may attempt to become established. Documentation of nesting
is particularly important.
Joseph Morlan, Pacifica, CA
"Don't discard the Bananaquit" - Hilda Morales

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