Kennedy Grove RRA - Bald Eagle et al.

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In all the years I've birded Kennedy Grove, I always hoped for a glimpse of one of the San Pablo Reservoir Bald Eagles, but apparently the dam area is not part of their regular territory. I never saw them... until today (Fri, May 18). As I came up the south side of the Lower Sea Foam Trail, where you can overlook the reservoir, I heard a harsh call overhead. An adult BALD EAGLE was escorting a Red-tailed Hawk off its territory. Right about when they reached the dam, the eagle simply turned around and flew back out of sight to the south.

A CALIFORNIA THRASHER was heard and briefly seen in the scrubby gully along the same section of trail.

An OLIVE-SIDED FLYCATCHER perched on a snag along the Upper Sea Foam Trail.

Other notables:
- 2 American White Pelicans on the reservoir
- Osprey over the reservoir
- 2 Townsend's Warblers on the Upper Sea Foam Trail
- singing male Lazuli Bunting near the junction of the Lower Sea Foam and Laurel Loop Trails (my first for this park)
- female Western Tanager on the Lower Sea Foam Trail
- a couple Band-tailed Pigeons flyby
- a Wild Turkey was (slowly) crossing Hillside Dr as I was leaving

Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area is at the north end of San Pablo Reservoir (the foot of the dam). The main entrance is off San Pablo Dam Rd, and a side entrance is off Patra Dr.

Park info:

Good birding,
Laura Look
Pinole, CA

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