Western Tanagers, Wildcat (Richmond)

Sheila Dickie

Yesterday afternoon, May 7, I birded the Wildcat/Alvarado Park (off of McBryde Avenue in Richmond) end of the Wildcat trail, 3-5 p.m. and saw a pair of Western Tanagers, one Olive-sided Flycatcher, singing Bewick's Wren and first sighting for me of two California Quail at that location.  Specific locations: the tanagers and the flycatcher were in the eucalyptus trees a few hundred yards up the trail from the parking lot.  As you walk up the paved hill just past the Monte Cresta/Bonita trail sign there is an open grassy meadow on your right; just past that on your left you will see  the trees on the uphill slope.  The Bewick's Wren was singing atop a snag, again on the left hand side of the trail, at the junction of the Begum Trail.  The two quail crossed at that point also.  There were lots of birds singing, and someone with a better ear than I possess, would be able to get quite a few species.  When I left, the flycatcher was singing atop a dead
tree on the uphill slope at the parking lot.
Sheila Dickie

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