Hayward Shoreline

Mike Shannon

From the parking lot at the end of Winton we walked out along the channel
which was mostly devoid of birds, except, oddly for a solitary Solitary
Sandpiper. There was a Whimbrel along there as well. We ended up at Frank's
Dump West. There were several flocks of Black Necked Stilt mixed in with
American Avocet. A few Shovelers and some Western Sandpiper. In the
corner were a number of Dunlin and Red-Necked Phalarope. A couple of
Caspian Terms sat on one of the sand spits. There were also Willets. Saw
quite a few Barn Swallows and Snowy and Great White egrets. In the bay were
Semi-Palmated Plover.

Of course we saw plenty of Red-Winged Blackbirds and Song Sparrows and a few
Mallards. We also found a pair of Gadwal.

A few Geese and a Black Vulture rounded out the trip.

Mike Shannon

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