Patterson Pass hoppin'

Dave Weber

Hi Birders-

I decided to check out Patterson Pass Rd today. I got there via Corral Hollow Rd and Tracy. For those interested, just outside the county line at the main entrance to the Carnegie Rec Area there was a Cassin' Kingbird. A couple of Swainson's Hawks were over Tracy. On Patterson Pass Rd I parked at the mile 6.21 turnout and spent about an hour walking a half mile up the road and back. The whole ravine was swarming with Western Tanagers, there must have been dozens. Also a lot of Wilson's Warblers and Black-headed Grosbeaks. I had two Blue Grosbeaks near where I turned around and saw another back down by the turnout, which may have been one of the first two. Two Lazuli Buntings and several Lark Sparrows were also around. On the drive out, across the road from wind farm access at 14680 Patterson Pass Rd, I saw one Horned Lark and a Burrowing Owl.

Dave Weber,

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