East Alameda birds 4/15

Logan Kahle

Hi all,
Yesterday afternoon I was able to bird a few spots in the eastern side
of Alemeda county. While biking past Shadow Cliffs, I saw a few Osprey
soaring. I then pulled over when I saw a massive raptor flying towards
me that turned out to be an adult BALD EAGLE heading north. Distantly to
the south, I saw a Swainson's Hawk.
At the intersection of Tesla road and Mines Road, I spotted a Golden
Eagle high overhead.
When I arrived at the Solitary Sandpiper spot, I found Vicki Robinson
searching the coastline for the Sandpiper. Apparently, a few other
birders had searched there in the afternoon without success. In the
nearby trees, there were a few Bullock's Orioles and Western Kingbirds.
In the brambles, there was a House Wren. The only shorebirds present
were a Greater Yellowlegs and a Killdeer.
Vicki and I then continued onto Patterson Pass to see if the fallout was
still happening. At mm 5.9 in the cluster of Cottonwoods we had our best
migrant movement. I estimated 20+ Orange-crowned Warblers were in this
clump, and we also managed to find two Black-throated Gray Warblers, a
MACGILLIVRAY'S, a Wilson's Warbler, a late Ruby-crowned Kinglet, a
Selasphorus hummingbird (likely a Rufous) and a Lark Sparrow. In the
fields, there was a nice flock of 60 Horned Larks. Around mm 7.14 the
Warblers were all Yellow-rumped. There was a feeding flock of about 10
that appeared to be all 'Audubon's'. Here, there was another late
Ruby-crowned Kinglet. In the fading light, we saw a dark morph
Swainson's Hawk fly by, but unfortunately Vicki didn't get a good enough
look at it to identify it.
Good birding,
Logan Kahle
San Francisco

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