Franklin's Gull continues

richard s. cimino

Yesterday I made four visits to the Hayward Sewage Facility on
Enterprise Ave, in eastern Hayward.
Jim Ross and I arrived by 9AM.
The construction crew was in full throttle busy working.
There were no Gulls present for up to 30 minutes of watching.
We return near 10: 15 AM to find a mass of Bonaparte's Gulls in the air.
Unfortunately all the gull activity was in the very back of the facility.
The Franklin's was not part of this group.
I returned again at 12:30 PM. and again there were no gulls of any
species present.
Returning from Half Moon Bay at 5:15 PM I revisited the area.
I seemed to arrive on queue, as several species began gulls arriving
from the west.
All the gulls were circling over head and over the large pond to the west.
The Franklin's Gull was found in the air mixed in with many Bonaparte's
This event lasted for maybe twenty minutes , then the gulls returned
into the cement pond of the sewage facility.
Good Birding,
Rich Cimino

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