Re: Nuttall's nesting in Kensington - images of male & female


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Saw the female last evening - she was quite vocal, presumably calling for her partner, who I never saw.

Saw only the male today, who did considerable excavation and housekeeping on the nest:

I tracked him through 4 different trees on Oberlin and at the Stanford/Oberlin intersection until he went to the nest.

Allen Hirsch

Oakland, CA

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At the northwest corner of the intersection of Oberlin and Stanford, a pair of Nuttall's Woodpeckers have been working on a nest in the big stumpy tree--one of upper stumpy branches on east side of tree. Visible from southwest corner of instersection. Today the male emerged from the hole and surveyed the territory. Over the weekend, the female hammered away on a nearby telephone pole while the male excavated.

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