Lake Chabot Eastern Shore trail

Mike Shannon

During my walk this morning along the eastern shore trail on Lake Chabot I

* A small group of Gadwal
* A group of Common Mergansers, two males and maybe 15 females
* Wilsons Warbler ( at about mile 1.25, halfway up the hill, I see
them here every year)
* Many Rufous Sided and Brown (California) Towhees
* Song Sparrows
* 3 white pelicans cruising around the lake
* Canade Geese are starting to gather on the island
* Bushtits (several groups)
* Coot (of course)
* Violet-Green Swallows flying low along the water
* Mallard (but only a few)
* American Robin
* Scrub Jay
* Belted Kingfisher (near Raccoon Point as usual)

I did not see or hear any raptors, nor did I see any terns.

Mike Shannon

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