still there on Sat March 10 Re: Rock Wren at Black Diamond Mines R. P., Antioch

David Couch

Sorry for the late posting.

The Rock Wren was still right on the spot on Saturday afternoon, March 10. Between the road (25 MPH sign) and the stacks of lumber, especially to be found around some holes in the ground near the road. I guess Rock Wrens are not uncommon, but it is my first one so I was very pleased!

The very friendly and knowledgeable ranger Mike Moran stopped to chat and said there had been reports of Phainopeplas back down the road a couple of hundred yards where it widens as you leave the RP, but we didn't see any.
David Herzstein Couch

Original post:
From: Paul Schorr <pkschorr@...>
Subject: [EBB_Sightings] Rock Wren at Black Diamond Mines R. P., Antioch

The highlight of a brief late afternoon trip to Black Diamond Mines R. P. was a very cooperative Rock Wren. The bird was seen on the east side of the large parking lot adjacent to the administrative offices and the visitor center. It was gleaning insects from the
stacks of piled lumber there. In the distance we could hear the hooting of Great Horned Owls.
Good birding,
Paul and Nancy Schorr

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