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Ann McGregor <annmcg@...>

Thank you to those who post their sightings to this list. Without your participation there would be no list and many of us would not have the opportunity of finding the same birds.

But, lately there has been several postings that do not fit the criteria of this list. As a reminder:

1. NO ANNOUNCEMENTS. If you have an announcement, please email it to me and I will put it on the MDAS calendar.

2. DO NOT USE THE REPLY FUNCTION WHEN SENDING TO THE LIST. If you wish to reply, do so only to the individual and not the entire list.


4. BIRD SIGHTINGS THAT ARE POSTED TO THIS LIST SHOULD HELP LIST MEMBERS FIND THIS BIRD TOO. If your message doesn't fit this criteria, then you probably shouldn't post the message.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Good Birding,

Ann McGregor
List Administrator

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