Sora - Richmond Bay Trail

Sheila Dickie

While doing the Great Backyard Bird Count for Richmond, I saw a Sora along the Richmond Section of the San Francisco Bay Trail on Sunday, February 19, 2012, at about 3:15 p.m. at lowish  tide.
Location:  The Sora was in the channel that goes under the bridge at S. 51st Street, where the S. 51st Street path intersects with the Bay Trail.  It was about 50 yards north of the bridge, on the east side, near some rocks that are in the channel.  I had stopped to count American Coots and saw something splashing in the water -- bathing it turned out.  The coots chased the Sora up the bank and into the vegetation.  (The general location is where the Tropical Kingbird has been seen; I did not see it that afternoon).
The S. 51st Street path is about  a 10 minute walk north along the Bay Trail from Pt. Isabel.  Parking is available at the end of Rydin Road off Central Avenue. 
Sheila Dickie

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