Virginia Rail? at Richmond Eastshore Park

George A Suennen

I went out to 51st Street in Richmond to see if I could get a good shot of the Tropical Kingbird. I saw the American Kestrel still on the phone lines on 49th street, as well as a juvenile and adult Red-tailed Hawk in the trees toward the bay. The kingbird didn't show up while I was there, but on the way to the Park Trail I saw a rail along the bank of the channel before the bridge. It caught a small crab, ate it, then swam across the channel and into cover. I got a few photos, but they are not as good as I would have liked. It looks like a Virginia Rail to me, with a longer bill then the Clapper Rail. I put the photos here:

While walking back to the car parked on 51st, I saw a pair of American Pipits in the field in front of the fence where the Tropical Kingbird has been sited. I got some good shot of them:


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