Richmond area in the AM then Hayward Shoreline (2/16)

Bob Richmond

After missing the Tropical Kingbird yesterday, I returned just after 8 am and saw it for about 5 min. It then disapeared and I never saw it again. A Northern Rough-winged Swallow was also in the area. I then went to Richmond Marina (I only stayed 10-15 min) and saw the Black Scoter in the marina and scoping out Brooks Island, I saw 4 Black Oystercatchers. I then returned to the shoreline.

Nothing unusual was at Winton Ave. On Mt. Trashmore the usual geese were seen - 4 Ross's Geese, 3 Snow Geese, 1 probable Ross x Snow, 2 Ridgway's Geese, and 245 Aleutian Geese. The Long-tailed Duck was still off Cogswell Marsh. Last saturday, Peter and I saw 95 Tree Swallows and 2 Barn Swallows. Today I only saw 4 Tree Swallows and 2 Barn Swallows.


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